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# =====CONFIG=====
SRC_DIR := src
SRCS != find '$(SRC_DIR)' -iname '*.v'
V_PATH ?= v
V := $(V_PATH) -showcc -gc boehm -d use_openssl -skip-unused
all: vieter
# =====COMPILATION=====
.PHONY: libvieter
make -C '$(SRC_DIR)/libvieter' CFLAGS='-O3'
# Regular binary
vieter: $(SOURCES) libvieter
$(V) -g -o vieter $(SRC_DIR)
# Debug build using gcc
# The debug build can't use the boehm garbage collector, as that is
# multi-threaded and causes issues when running vieter inside gdb.
.PHONY: debug
debug: dvieter
dvieter: $(SOURCES) libvieter
$(V_PATH) -showcc -keepc -cg -o dvieter $(SRC_DIR)
# Run the debug build inside gdb
.PHONY: gdb
gdb: dvieter
gdb --args ./dvieter -f vieter.toml server
# Optimised production build
.PHONY: prod
prod: pvieter
pvieter: $(SOURCES) libvieter
$(V) -o pvieter -prod $(SRC_DIR)
# Only generate C code
c: $(SOURCES) libvieter
$(V) -o vieter.c $(SRC_DIR)
# =====EXECUTION=====
# Run the server in the default 'data' directory
.PHONY: run
run: vieter
./vieter -f vieter.toml server
.PHONY: run-prod
run-prod: prod
./pvieter -f vieter.toml server
# =====DOCS=====
.PHONY: docs
rm -rf 'docs/public'
cd docs && hugo
.PHONY: api-docs
rm -rf '$(SRC_DIR)/_docs'
cd '$(SRC_DIR)' && v doc -all -f html -m -readme .
.PHONY: man
man: vieter
rm -rf man
./vieter man man
# =====OTHER=====
# Linting
.PHONY: lint
$(V) fmt -verify $(SRC_DIR)
$(V) vet -W $(SRC_DIR)
$(V_PATH) missdoc -p $(SRC_DIR)
@ [ $$($(V_PATH) missdoc -p $(SRC_DIR) | wc -l) = 0 ]
# Formatting
.PHONY: fmt
$(V) fmt -w $(SRC_DIR)
# Testing
.PHONY: test
test: libvieter
$(V) -g test $(SRC_DIR)
# Cleaning
.PHONY: clean
rm -rf 'data' 'vieter' 'dvieter' 'pvieter' 'vieter.c' 'pkg' 'src/vieter' *.pkg.tar.zst 'suvieter' 'afvieter' '$(SRC_DIR)/_docs' 'docs/public'
make -C '$(SRC_DIR)/libvieter' clean
# =====EXPERIMENTAL=====
.PHONY: autofree
autofree: afvieter
afvieter: $(SOURCES)
$(V) -showcc -autofree -o afvieter $(SRC_DIR)
.PHONY: skip-unused
skip-unused: suvieter
suvieter: $(SOURCES)
$(V) -skip-unused -o suvieter $(SRC_DIR)