The source code for my personal blog.
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This repository contains the source code for my blog.


I use the popular open-source static site generator hugo, using a lovely theme called Notepadium. I picked this theme because I like the way it looks, but also because it markets itself as being 100% JavaScript-free. As I'm a big advocate of unbloating the web, this spoke to me. A blog shouldn't need any JavaScript, besides maybe a comment section. Furthermore, it's licensed under the MIT license, making it compatible with this site.


My brain often explodes with ideas for self-hosting new services, starting a new project or improving upon a previous one. That's why a lot of my self-hosting infrastructure has been centered around making this process of thinking of ideas and realizing them more straightforward. The goal of this blog is to share the things I've learning along the way, so hopefully, that one person that finds this blog won't have to struggle as much as I do.