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## Run on localhost
Firstly, install Hugo. Afterwards, you can run this site on your local machine
by running `hugo -D server`. This will startup hugo as a local web server,
by running `hugo -D server`. This will start hugo as a local web server,
accessible on port `1313`.

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subTitle = "My personal blog about all things software."
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description = "My personal blog about all things software."
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title: "About"
title: "About Me"
date: 2020-12-03T10:26:05+01:00
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Hi, I'm Jef Roosens, an Informatics student at the University of Ghent in
Belgium. I've been interested in computers and software since I was 12,
starting my programming career creating Computercraft programs in Minecraft.
I created this blog to share the things I've learned along the way, as to
hopefully make everyone else's live a bit easier. I frequently use Docker to
deploy server-based applications, including this blog.