C library implementing various parts of Vieter.
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This library powers part of Vieter, most noteably the sections that can easily be implemented in C (or just parts I want to implement in C because it's fun).

The goal of this library is to be completely self-contained, meaning any required data structures have to be implemented as well. It can only depend on the C standard libraries.

Currently it contains the following:

  • Cron expression parser & next time calculator



Everything is handled by the provided Makefile. To compile the static library, simply run make.


This library uses Acutest for its tests. Tests should be placed in the test subdirectory, further divided into directories that correspond those in src. Test files should begin with test_, and their format should follow the expected format for Acutest.

To run the tests, simply run make test. If you wish to only run a specific test binary, you can find them in build/test.


Clangd requires a compile_commands.json to function properly. You can generate it using bear:

make clean
bear -- make
bear --append -- make build-test

This will create a compile_commands.json file in the current directory.