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Please read this!
Before opening a new issue, make sure to search for keywords in the issues
filtered by the "regression" or "bug" label:
and verify the issue you're about to submit isn't a duplicate.
### Summary
<!-- Summarize the bug encountered concisely. -->
### Steps to reproduce
<!-- Describe how one can reproduce the issue - this is very important. Please use an ordered list. -->
### Example Project
<!-- If possible, please create an example project here on that exhibits the problematic
behavior, and link to it here in the bug report. If you are using an older version of GitLab, this
will also determine whether the bug is fixed in a more recent version. -->
### What is the current *bug* behavior?
<!-- Describe what actually happens. -->
### What is the expected *correct* behavior?
<!-- Describe what you should see instead. -->
### Relevant logs and/or screenshots
<!-- Paste any relevant logs - please use code blocks (```) to format console output, logs, and code
as it's tough to read otherwise. -->
### Possible fixes
<!-- If you can, link to the line of code that might be responsible for the problem. -->
/label ~bug

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* Use this issue template for suggesting new docs or updates to existing docs.
Note: Doc work as part of feature development is covered in the Feature Request template.
* For issues related to features of the site, see
* For information about documentation content and process, see -->
### Problem to solve
<!-- Include the following detail as necessary:
* What product or feature(s) affected?
* What docs or doc section affected? Include links or paths.
* Is there a problem with a specific document, or a feature/process that's not addressed sufficiently in docs?
* Any other ideas or requests?
### Further details
* Any concepts, procedures, reference info we could add to make it easier to use the documentation
* Include use cases, benefits, and/or goals for this work.
* If adding content: What audience is it intended for? (What roles and scenarios?)
### Proposal
<!-- Further specifics for how can we solve the problem. -->
### Who can address the issue
<!-- What if any special expertise is required to resolve this issue? -->
/label ~documentation

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### Problem to solve
<!-- What problem do we solve? -->
### Intended users
<!-- Who will use this feature? -->
### User experience goal
<!-- What is the single user experience workflow this problem addresses? -->
### Proposal
<!-- How are we going to solve the problem? -->
### Further details
<!-- Include use cases, benefits, goals, or any other details that will help us understand the problem better. -->
### Documentation
<!-- What documentation needs to be added? -->
### Links / references
<!-- Useful links/references -->
/label ~devops:: ~group: ~Category:
/label ~feature

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## Why are we doing this work
A brief explanation of the why, not the what or how. Assume the reader doesn't
know the background and won't have time to dig-up information from comment
## Relevant links
Information that the developer might need to refer to when implementing
the issue.
## Non-functional requirements
<!-- Add details for required items and delete others. -->
- [ ] Documentation:
- [ ] Feature flag:
- [ ] Performance:
- [ ] Testing:
## Implementation plan
Steps and the parts of the code that will need to get updated. The plan can
also call-out responsibilities for other team members or teams.
- [ ]
/label ~implementation

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## Summary
Please briefly describe what part of the code base needs to be refactored.
## Improvements
<!-- Explain the benefits of refactoring this code. -->
## Risks
Please list features that can break because of this refactoring and how you
intend to solve that.
## Involved components
<!-- List files or directories that will be changed by the refactoring. -->
## Optional: Intended side effects
If the refactoring involves changes apart from the main improvements
(such as a better UI), list them here. It may be a good idea to create separate
issues and link them here.
/label ~maintenance