Ansible & Docker Swarm deployment files for the Rusty Bever server swarm.
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Ansible Debian

This repository contains all the Ansible playbooks & roles I use to manage my various Debian-based servers & Docker swarms.


  • bootstrap.yml: handles first-time configuration of a server. This is the only playbook that expects you should run as your root user. It creates a non-root user that can use sudo, & secures the SSH configuration. Afterwards, you should edit your hosts file to reflect the changes.
  • update.yml: update your servers. When a new Debian version is released, the sources.list file can be changed. Afterwards, your servers will automatically update to this new version when this playbook is ran.
  • main.yml: This is the playbook that you can run multiple times without issues. It sets up the Docker swarm, network settings, etc.