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I host documentation for Vieter over at API documentation for the current codebase can be found at


Vieter is a restart of the Pieter project. The goal is to create a simple, lightweight self-hostable Arch repository server, paired with a system that periodically builds & publishes select Arch packages. This would allow me to build AUR packages (or PKGBUILDs I created myself) "in the cloud" & make sure I never have to compile anything on my own systems, making my updates a lot quicker.

Why V?

I chose V as I've been very intrigued by this language for a while now. I wanted a fast language that I could code while relaxing, without having to exert too much mental effort & V seemed like the right choice for that.


Vieter compiles with the standard Vlang compiler. However, I do maintain a mirror. This is to ensure my CI does not break without reason, as I control when & how frequently the mirror is updated to reflect the official repository.


  • Arch repository server
    • Support for multiple repositories & multiple architectures
    • Endpoints for publishing new packages
    • API for managing repositories to build
  • Build system
    • Periodic rebuilding of packages
    • Prevent unnecessary rebuilds


In order to build Vieter, you'll need a couple of libraries:

  • An installation of V
  • gc
  • libarchive
  • openssl

NOTE: if you encounter any issues compiling Vieter using the absolute latest version of V, it might be because my mirror is missing a specific commit that causes issues. For this reason, the make v command exists which will clone my compiler in the v directory & build it. Afterwards, you can use this compiler with make by prepending all make commands with V_PATH=v/v. If you do encounter this issue, please let me know so I can update my mirror & the codebase to fix it!